Paperless Endeavour started from a blog called S.P.A Paperless Office Project which discussed and viewed the concept of the paperless office, but primarily looked at the foundations of how paper was used as a communication tool.

This was constructed through Engineering and Surveys and the main areas were discussed and a new approach was introduced called S.P.A (Secondary Paper Activities) which up to now has been totally ignored.

S.P.A Paperless Office Project is now discontinued and has transferred to this site Paperless Endeavour. The discussions and  introduction meaning will keep with this site as a solid starting and reference point.

The Paperless Endeavour will continue to discuss all the main areas of the paperless office and paperless systems but also have the ability to introduce a working Management S.P.A / Paperless Efficient Tool which can be used to assist any person who requires an engineered guideline line template to understand and evaluate the foundations before any paperless system should be installed and introduced.

To the Authors knowledge at the time of writing this,this type of template has not been introduced or available in the contents of a fully engineered usable template.

What’s next for the Paperless Endeavour?

We will continue to make interesting and hopefully different and sometimes controversial comments and posts about paperless systems.

What new directions are we taking? Well it will be to the areas of usability and what technologies are available to accommodate a piece of paper.