S.P.A/Paperless Management Efficiency Tool

Guideline Template

This template has been calculated to a proven engineered Hypotheses frame work which provides the user with percentage calculations on how inefficient paperless office systems are when they ignore Secondary Paper Activities.

The template will also provide the user with cost analysis figures shown in a clear and simply format.

All the sections of the template have been designed from a simply pick and click system so no engineering experience is required.

The template also provides the user with a guideline on how inefficient standard office work environments are before paperless offices systems are introduced.

When to use this template?

The designer of the template and the founder S.P.A has spent the last two years just studying and researching the grass roots of the paperless office before companies and organizations start to advise you what your hardware and software requirements are?

With every project or requirement you must have proven calculations to form a solid and trustworthy foundation before you start to build.

This template will provide you with a solid calculated foundation as a guide line before you start to build.

Remember this is not just a percentage guideline template this has proven engineered calculations.


  • SPA (Secondary Paper Activities) with a Paperless/Management System
  • SPA (Secondary Paper Activities) as a Management Efficiency Tool
  • General Office
  • Engineered Calculations and Statistics
  • Other Services

How to Get Your Copy

This is free ! but if you like you can donate if you wish or we would certainly appreciate a link , the choice is yours !


Simply provide use with the following information :

Once we have received your request the template will be email to you.

People who have requested a template have worked for the following companies :

Rioch-usa,Rioch-ewa,Imageworks Group,Syner Energy Office,

InTuitiverTruth(apps),Sanofipasteur, ProdigyTELMEX and many more

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