S.P.A Awareness

To understand the Cultural and Sociability and also the general aspect of the paperless office, we must try to understand the bare foundation of what a paperless system or office is.

This must cover the areas of how we interact with the main contents of what is situated and located within a typical office.

This must be a piece of paper.

Even if that piece of paper has already been recognized and it has evolved into a piece of technology that we use on a day to day basis.

S.P.A Secondary Paper Activities is a subject that really has not been covered to the extent that is could be a large piece of a complicated complex that just might help the break through with regards to the assistance and general development of a paperless system or office.

In the modern office today a large amount of secondary paper activities exists probably even without knowing that you do this activity. A large percentage of these activities are common practice but unfortunately the existing paperless office systems do not cover this activity.

This site will hopefully try to bring this general awareness to this subject and hopefully over a period of time may be recognized and assist the general development of the paperless office and paperless system.